Jan. 29th, 2017

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Last day is this coming Wednesday.  All I have left to remove from my office is my tea pot, kettle and water jug, plus a pencil case, and a final painting.  It feels odd working in there.

Tuesday is my Mom's third chemo treatment - assuming her blood work says they can go ahead on schedule.

There's still nothing to buy in Salmon Arm.

The new cell phone is a welcome distraction.  I haven't put anything serious on it (such as facebook) because I'd probably never surface.  I'm not going to put any money-related info on it because putting that on something this easy to lose is a bad idea.  I can see why people don't have a password to lock the screen - what a fiddly thing and difficult to use while jolting around on a bus - but I'm gonna perservere.  The message template of opposing bubbles is quite appealing, and I like that conversations are grouped by person (my previous little green phone simply had a historical sequence).  I haven't quite figured out how to always have it with me and have both hands free (hit replay for no-pockets-in-women's-clothes rant).  So far so fun.

An odd thing is that I have to go back to work on Thursday if I want to attend my farewell party.  Peculiar.  Okay, there are two of us leaving the same week, me on Wednesday and she on Friday, but it still feels peculiar.


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