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Last night my SOGP & I watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  It's still fun - my favourite Susan Sarandon moment is on the steps of the church when Janet gets her engagement ring.  The giggle is just perfect.

Struck by Riff Raff, I tried mapping the Buffy characters on the Rocky characters.  Brad and Janet are Xander and Willow.  Riff Raff is Spike, Frankenfurter is Angel, the Criminologist is Giles.  Rocky (the buff creation) is Riley.  Eddie could be the Master, which makes Columbia Darla.  But, as you can see, things are getting a bit weak.  There's no real place for Dr. Scott (maybe the head of the Watcher's council?), nor do you get a good place for Magenta (Amy, the rat witch?).  A feeble case can be made for Janet becoming the Buffy, but, really, there is a gapping hole where the Buffy should be, if this is a one-on-one match.

But, we do have an interesting collection of the same tropes - naive couple introduced to the weird world.  Creepy bony blonde male [1].  Pompous (not that Giles was ever very pompous) expert in the library.  Sex as transformative and treacherous.

I haven't watched many, but I know from my SOGP that the Rocky Horror is a broad send up of just about every horror and science fiction show of the 40's and 50's.  So, no doubt the expert in the library is a common fixture, as well as the naive couple, and sex as treacherformative.  I know that Weedon has said that he was deliberately subverting the little-blonde-as-victim trope, so I suppose it stands to reason that Buffy is based on a lot of the tropes of the old horror movies.

[1] - Recently I caught a bit of Olivier's Hamlet, where he's lounging in the great hall moaning.  Spike to the life.  Bony blonde dangerous deranged male.

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On New Year's Eve, my SOGP and I drank mimosa champagne cocktails [1] and watched some of my new copy of the first season of Buffy.

We watched Welcome to the Hellmouth, The Harvest, and skipped right to the end for Prophecy Girl.

We decided that Xander is the Summer King, Angel is the Winter King (which is why they are so unsatisfactory as single characters - they are halves of the whole God), and Buffy is the Goddess.  Naturally, that means that Willow, Buffy, and Cordelia form the triple goddess, with Willow as the maiden, Cordelia as the mother, and Buffy as the crone.  Buffy has to be the crone because her dominion is night and the earth and the underworld.

We weren't quite sure what to do with the Giles character, since he seems to be a Merlin figure, which isn't really a role in Wicca - or at least not in any of the traditions I am familiar with.

Maybe Giles and Joyce are the priest and priestess - drawing down the god and goddess.  Hah - this is jumping ahead a few seasons, but we do get them performing the Great Rite eventually, so maybe.  They are forces of conservatism, though, which you always get with the ordination of interpreters of the divine, so maybe again.

Anyways.  This is one of the reasons that Buffy "works" in ways that the Angel series didn't for me.  There is deliberate use of archtypes, and sometimes what I suspect are serendipitous use of the old stories we want to be told (we want to see the Winter King and the Summer King fight over the Goddess and hate each other's guts, and we want them each to win and each to be defeated, which they are in the cycle).  I think a strength of the series is that the creators did not allow themselves to be bound by what might be common expectations regarding the story cycles, but were perfectly happy to use them.

[1] - Champagne Cocktail - sugar cube soaked with brandy and drowned in champagne (the sugar cube bubbles extra - pretty).  Mimosa - champagne and orange juice.  April's Happy Champagne Mimosa Cocktail - demerara sugar cubes soaked in grand marnier, drowned in champagne, and topped up with orange juice.  Nom nom nom.


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