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.... I think.

For the first test, I shall show you Chuckie and Sammie

Chuckie )

And now:

Sammie, also known as Smelly-Belly )

Behold, I think I done it.
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For those of you following the Perils of April, you know that last Christmas I gave my mother a bunch of stemless wineglasses and a glass painting kit.  And then you know that she painted them, and then I tried to show them to you, but couldn't upload the photos.

Okay.  So, yesterday I caught the end of the sale, and purchased a year's worth of purchased account, which has photogalleries and, apparently, the ability to show you photos.  I have uploaded the photos, and they are in a gallery somewhere in my account.  I couldn't name the gallery because apparently there was an error on the page, so good luck finding the gallery.

For my next trick, I am going to try to insert photos.  Nothing up my sleeve.

Okay - that should be it.

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The problem with trial and error (regarding the creation of this particular userpic) is that I have no idea what I really did, nor any idea how to do it again, or even, gasp, improve my technique.  But, I dun it.

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Oh oh.  Facebook has Scrabulous.  I'm hooked.


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