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My Care Card (BC Medical) arrived in today's mail.  That was only four & a bit weeks, which is not too bad, but simply doesn't compare for speed of the other gov't depts, which surprised me by their speediness.  That should be it for updating the ID - oh, I forgot that I had to send back my new extended benefits card because I had neglected to inform my employer of the legal change.  Who knows when that will be sorted.

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My SIN card arrived this past Thursday, which is just a litle longer than a week from the time I ordered it, so that's fairly speedy for a federal gov't division.  I have sent away my request for a new CareCard, so we'll see how long that takes.  You already know it will be slow when they only accept mail and cheques - no fax or credit cards.  How so last century. 

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I recieved my birth certificate yesterday.  I sent my faxed request late the previous Thursday.  Very quick.

Yes, it has my new name, but somehow it feels okay.  This document just says that the individual named as blah blah was born on such and such a day in such and such place.  It doesn't seem to have a historical context.  Anyhoo.  If I hadn't been so lazy, I could have made my SIN request yesterday.  But I was lazy, so I will try to do it Wednesday morning.
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So, on Friday - at about 1:00 pm, to be precise - I updated my driver's licence.  I now have said licence in my hot little hand, which means that it must have been in the mailbox by noon today on Wednesday.  That's pretty damned nippy for a gov't office.  I think they even extended my licence by one year, which is okay by me.

Next, the birth certificate.
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So, I had put off updating my ID because I currently have the haircut from heck, and I wanted to get another done before the driver's licence people took a new picture.  I'm not ready for the haircut because I need it to get long enough that it will be a clean slate for my hairdresser (long story).  And then I got a bug in my hat and decided I wanted to at least get my SIN card done.  So I looked up the rules.  I need a birth certificate in order to update my SIN - but I had to turn in my birth certificate to the name-change people, so now I don't have one.  So I looked up the rules.  In Alberta, I need to send a copy of the name change doc, and a copy of my driver's licence.  So, I went in and paid the money, and was ready to present my best side - and they didn't want a new picture (because it gets renewed in 2009 anyway), but they did want a new signature.  Since I started signing with an illegible squiggle in imitation of my father, when I started using Goodwin-Smith, I just kept my illegible squiggle, since I could tell you I was signing "Mrs. Smith" and you wouldn't be able to tell that I wasn't.  So my new licence (when mailed) will have my new name, my old picture, and my new old signature.  Go team go.

I still think it is silly that my birth certificate name will change.
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The document has come through.  My name is legally Goodwin-Smith now.

So, my next day off during the week will be spent chasing around getting my other ID to match.

It is to celebrate: cha cha cha.  :)


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