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I would just like to say that I hate people who like to use the phone.  The reason is that most people I have to deal with who phone me because they like to use the phone, do so because they like to hear the sound of their own voice.  Anything I tell them by phone is immediately forgotten.  So, for me, I have to listen to someone blathering on pointlessly, asking questions to which they don't actually pause long enough for me to make an answer, and then if I do rudely talk over the top of them long enough for some dead air where I give them a useful piece of information - they don't listen.

And people who call me and chew and slurp in my ear while doing all of the above disgust me beyond words.

There.  Now you know.
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I have decided to learn excel.  Every piece of software I have ever used extensively I have learned on the job on the go, staying two moves ahead of the ignorance curve by ruthlessly learning only what I needed to know.  Which, is usually all you need to know before someone decides that new software will make the whole organization orgasmic and you're back to square one again.  Losing WP5.1 was bad enough (it was so simple and could do anything), but GroupWise just plain needs to die.

Okay.  Ninety minutes does not a guru make. I will perservere - however that might be spelt.


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