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Why does TV confuse Science Fiction with Horror?  The Space Channel is always playing the crappiest horror shit on Friday evenings.  Often times there isn't even a crumb of an SF pre-text; it is just an out-and-out gore fest.  I hate gore fests.

Torchwood is supposedly SF.  I watched the premier episode whenever it was, and basically went: "meh."  I didn't care about the characters, and the premise seemed uninspiring - but hey, other shows that I have grown to enjoy have started out similarly unengaging.  So, tonight being spectacularly pathetic in the TV zone, and the program before being the Rick Mercer Report, I stuck around for another Torchwood episode.


It turned out to be the old chestnut of the supposed weird occurance turning out to be plain old garden variety human grossness instead of aliens.  They must have run short on their writing budget because the characters spent a lot of time (a LOT of time) running around in non-descript trees trying to escape the gore fest.

I think one of the problems with the Torchwood spinoff is that it comes from the Dr. Who Universe, which has a barn-door broad streak of what can only be called zaniness, or whackiness.  There is a lot of we-know-this-ain't-real-but-ain't-it-wild nudge-nudge about Dr. Who.  Expecting the Dr. Who audience to put the parental show's pattern aside is not smart, but hey, that's TV for you.  Torchwood takes itself too seriously, and thinks it is a serious drama.  Well, it you want to be a serious drama, you have to eschew the gore-fest for gore-fest's sake aesthetic.

Stupid horror maskerading as science fiction.


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