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A friend and I discuss our various theology at each other.  We're interested in what the other has to say, but we're each more interested in what we end up saying to the other one in response to what they have said to us.  Below is something I wrote to him, and I felt that the metaphor neatly encapsulates my concept of the holiness of the universe as I express it through Wicca.

"The draw of Wicca is that the Goddess and the God are both more detailed and more nebulous [than what is available in the Christianity I was brought up in].  One starts with the knowledge that one is really talking about huge forces that are indeed much bigger than any description or metaphor we can use.  One is also aware that these forces are impersonal and that neither is really limited to "only" human female attributes or "only" human male attributes.  Nonetheless, one can create a piece of holiness for oneself, that can change as needed, because it is very like dipping water out of a lake - it is all water, but you don't have all the water.  You can wash with it or drink it or bake with it or play with it or play in it and you will never experience all of it, but what you experience is truly water.

For me, Christianity feels a little like insisting that the only true water is the water that comes in bottles from a specific company.  It is true that the water in the bottles is truly water, but it is not true that the only true water is the water that comes in Christianity's bottles.

Heh - one can go gangbusters with this water metaphor.  I mean, one can allow the idea of the pollution and perversion of water - but one has to then also allow that water is self-regenerating.  Given enough time, water becomes pure again - and the water that was in the foul mix was always truly water."

I wanted to put this here so I could find it again.


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