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We did attend the Secret Lantern Festival.  Here is the link to the city-wide festival:
We participated in the Strathcona/Chinatown route, which ends up at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Gardens.  I did not take photos of the procession, but I would say there were about 30-40 people.

Here are our lanterns: )

The Dr. Sun-Yat Sen Gardens are a replica of a traditional Chinese garden for a scholar.  There are beautiful mosaics, and woods, and lattice work, and ponds, and pagodas on pinnacles, and everywhere you go there are more amazingly beautiful things to see - and they are all contained within one city block.  Lanterns of a similar style to ours (bamboo struts with tissue paper attached and harded with white glue) were all over the gardens.  I only got photos of a couple, but there were moons, and fish, and globes with beautiful leaves attached in the glue coat.

Lanterns in the Gardens: ) 

The Gardens in Snowtime: )

And finally, there was a man, taking photos, who was wearing a toque made out of work socks.  He kindly let me take pictures.

Sock toque (by Puck Toques? I think so.)  )

The roads were as greasy underfoot as they were earlier in the day.  And it snowed throughout, but it wasn't cold.

EDIT - should be Pook Toques:
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We did go to the lantern festival - more anon.

Meanwhile, it has continued to snow, and it is still snowing:

Original view here:

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I'm not sure we're going to get to the lantern procession.  It is like walking on very loose sand at the beach out there - I did mention that we do not shovel or plow here, right? because it is going to melt any minute, right?

Taken about 20 minutes ago: 

Comparison photos located here:
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First, the happy: today was the last day of work for me until 05 January 2009.  What's not to be happy about that?

Next, the photos.  We've been having very uncharacteristly cold weather here in Lotusland.  Not that we never have freezing weather, and not that we never have snow, but we usally do not get extended cold combined with snow.  Snow falls, causes havoc for 12 hours, and then has the decency to melt.  This time it snowed, melted a sniff, snowed some more, and then has been below zero for around a week.  Today was minus 7 celcius and it was bloody cold.  I've lived on the prairies (okay, not for long, but still), and this feels colder than minus 18 celcius.  I think it is the insidious moisture that penetrates every layer of clothing down to your skin, giving the cold a freeway straight to your shrinking flesh  Brrr.

So anyways.  Early in November I took you on the walk into Granville Island here:

Here is the same walk yesterday: 

Frozen walk into Granville Island. )

 Brr even.

 And now on the footbridge looking across the pond that has no geese or ducks at this time - they know it ain't gonna melt.


Frozen walk into Granville Island. )

We have been threatened with more snow, and no change in temperatures.  Chilly chilly chilly.

EDIT - again, I am creating one cut with everything in it.  I dunno what lj is doing, but it can bloody well stop it.  If I had made more than one lj cut - I would at least have thought of more original names.  Humph.

EDIT EDIT - lj just does its own thing, sort of like a two year old.  Trying to get rid of excess spaces just caused some of the comments to fall outside of the cuts.  I ain't twiddling with it any more.
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Daytime pictures of the snow.  It hovered around freezing at the middle of the day, so there was some melting, but now it is frozen again in crunchy shapes.  My boots are still good with the traction, so that's a fine thing.

Day time snow photos. )
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We went out in the chilly crunchy world, had breakfast with our friend Catherine at the Cafe du Soleil, and finished our Solstice Lanterns.

Come and see Solstice Star Lanterns. )


Come and see Solstice Star Lanterns. )

Doing those made me happy.  Having them finished makes me happy.  Looking forward to using them next Sunday makes me happy.

Edit - I do not know why it is showing two lj cuts - I have only created one, and they both go to the same cut, although the top one takes you to the top of the cut, and the bottom one takes you to the bottom of the cut.  Weird.  Just weird.  But I'm so happy, I *sneer* in the face of lj weirdness.

First Snow

Dec. 13th, 2008 11:03 pm
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It was chilly all day - probably not below freezing, but hovering around 2 or 3 celcius, and there was a wind blowing that probably sucked all the residual heat out of everything it touched.  So now, as it snows, it is sticking.  I thought you'd like to see pictures.  :)

Pictures of snow at night in Lotusland. )

Now I can has photos.  Woo.
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Today the wind was blowing and the sun was shining, and I really really wanted to play hookey on the beach.  But I took photos instead.


More morning in Vancouver. )I think this is where I say: ta dah.  :)


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