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Apparently, the Harper "government" have decided to displace a challenge to them about the power of party whips that was to happen on Monday with the burning need to fast-track their Bill S-7 - Combatting Terrorism Act:

It will, among other things no doubt not mentioned, make it illegal to leave, or attempt to leave, Canada to perform a terrorist act.

So, if a person leaves Canada as a student to study on exchange in Britain, and the person likes it there, and stays there for four or five years studying, and then becomes convinced that somebody somewhere else needs the person to blow them up so that they will understand how bad they are - does that count as leaving Canada to perform a terrorist act?

It seems pretty damned nebulous and knee-jerk to me.
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Well, this will frost your fanny & no mistake:

Nicked from [ profile] ahruman  on twitter.

Organizers of the game launch of Texas Battlefield 3 have banned women from attending in order to protect the women from misogynistic comments.

Private party; people can do what they want; but geeze, guys. 
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So, I've been shopping at Shoppers Drug Mart for as long as I've had my own money to spend.  I tend to like their assortment of goods, and I like their house-brand products.

Lately, (the last ten or so years), Shoppers Drug Mart has begun to brown me off.  They will get a very good product for their house brand, and then, once you have decided that you like it and would like to continue buying it, they discontinue the product.  They've done it with a hair serum and a shea butter and a shampoo & rinse most recently.

But now they have gone too far.

I like to use non-aerosol shaving cream.  More importantly, I have very fussy skin, and I need to be very careful what I put on my skin.  I happen to be a woman who shaves every day, so the quality of the shaving cream is crucial.  Previously, the whole of western Canada ceased to carry gillette's non-aerosol version of skintimates, which was lovely, and I have had to make do with substandard stuff that left me with razor burn.  Bah.

Then Shoppers Drug Mart came out with a house brand called Pur Sensitive Skin non-aerosol shave cream.

It was *amazing*.

It was *AMAZING* - and I have been happily using it for the last two or so years.

But tonight I disovered that it has been discontinued.  Please note that I left the store without buying anything.  I used to always buy more than just my shaving cream, because once I was in the store, why not, eh?  I have decided that I am not going to buy anything from Shoppers Drug Mart until the fabulous shaving cream comes back.  I can buy any of the other things that Shoppers Drugs carries at any of a dozen stores.

I am ceasing to reward Shoppers Drug Mart for continually failing me.

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Honest to Goddess, Canada - what were you thinking?
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I am completely, but completely annoyed.

I am trying to find out how long a University of Melbourne bachelor's degree is in either time or credits - the equivalent to BC degrees of course, but any website that has the type of information I am looking for will also have the type of information I need in order to compare their credits/units/points/whatever to our credits.

If I want to find out what I need to do in order to complete a Melbourne degree, I need to have applied to the University and have a student account so that I can log into the portal where their grad audit info is kept.  Grad audit for students is excellent; I wish my school had it, but it doesn't help me compare UofMel to my school if I can't see a simple grid saying something like: student needs a total of 120 credits with 48 credits at the upper level and 6 credits of science and 6 credits of social science and blah blah blah.

They have something new that they call The Melbourne Model.  The only way I can find out about that is to watch a freaking video.  I don't have time to watch badly made smugly delivered advertising crap.  I am a fast reader with the ability to skim very rapidly, and if you give me words - printed words - I can find what I am looking for immediately.  With stupid boring horrible videos I have to listen to absolutely every futile piece of slobber in the whole thing - and *is* there something to print to put in an applicant's file? No.

Although it may seem that I have spent more time whining here that I have on the UofMel's website, that would be a wrongo-bongo assumption to jump to.  Being print oriented, I can also type really fast, and even though we are all the way down here already, I have spent less than a tenth of the time I spent fruitlessly clicking linkies on the UofMel's website.


Thank you.  I feel better now. 
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We're number one! We're number one!

For the sixth straight year, BC has the highest child poverty rate in Canada!

That's an accomplishment for which Premier Gordon Campbell can thrust out his chest with pride.

Actually, I suppose I shouldn't go all snarky on him - he doesn't pretend to be a bleeding heart liberal - oh wait, yes he does - but he has never pretended to care about anything but the business community (translate: people with money). The real question here is whether he is a small c liberal or a large C liberal. Bah. No, the group of people I really don't understand are the people who chose to elect him not once, but twice. For those people, this trend in child poverty was already in progress at the last election, and yet they thought it was an acceptable tradeoff for whatever benefit they expect to reap from this small C liberal. Bah to them with bells on.


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