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Actually, this isn't the most stupid, but it is sort of emblematic of a whole mind-set of stunned:

The banning of the sale of bottled water from: various campuses, various cities, various towns, et bloody cetera.

Okay folks, think this through:  Thirsty person goes to the machine to buy a water.  No water for sale.  There are no longer public water fountains, and most businesses that have beverages for sale in bottles are not likely to give potential sources of income a glass of water.  So, thirsty person buys a bottle of pop or a bottle of juice, and now gets added yummy sugar with their water.  And they throw the bottle away[1].

Yes, yes: bring water with you!  No, I am going to a job interview, and I don't want to be lugging weird things to the meeting [2].  No, I was held up longer downtown than I expected, and it looks like I'm going to be here longer still, and I'm thristy now.  No, it is too heavy to haul all through my day.  And so on.  I'm going to be out, without water, and get thirsty, and I'm going to buy some liquid to drink.  AND THEN I AM GOING TO DISCARD THE PLASTIC BOTTLE YOU SILLY NINNIES.

All the ban has really done is put money in various sugar producers' pockets.


[1] - if pop & juice bottles are recyclable in your area, so are water bottles.
[2] - don't have car so can't leave it in car - and besides which: do you think using your car is less environmentally raucous than discarding a water bottle?  Really?
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Okay.  I am officially pissed off and am going to rant:

Dear Alexander Keith's beer making company,

Your latest internet ad, which pops up over my log-in for Live Journal so that I have to wait for the simpering maiden to finish signing her name in a saucy manner, merely puts an identifiable barrier between me and the task I want to do - sign into Live Journal.  It may only take three seconds for her to finish and your nasty little pop-up ad to get out of the way, but that is three seconds where I have your company's name associated with annoyance.  There's too many beers in the world - now, the next time I am ready to order a beer in a restaurant, I may not know which beer I want, but I sure as hell know which beer I will NEVER EVER ORDER AGAIN!

Extremely Pissed Off Live Journal User.
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I have ranted this rant at length and in various places, and self-interested fuckwittery being what it is, I will no doubt rant this rant again.

If you wish to immigrate to Canada, get your professional credentials sorted out BEFORE you leave your home country.  I mean this.

Contact the organization in Canada that has the power to prevent you from working (say: the College of Physicians of BC, or the College of Registered Nurses of BC, or any other professional body that holds the whip hand over your future) BEFORE, BEFORE, BEFORE you apply to immigrate to Canada.  There are application processes, and they are lengthy and expensive.  There are unbelievable conditions that you will have to satisfy.  Learning English will be the least of your problems - and I'm not pretending that learning a second language is easy; I only know a first one.

In the great by and by, when you finally belong to the Canadian professional organization, it will be an amazing asset in your search for work.  Until you belong to the Canadian professional organization, you are the enemy and no one will help you (those of us who want to don't know how, and those of us who know how don't want to).

BEFORE you leave your country, get your current professional organization to assist you to negotiate with the professional organization in Canada.  Once you have left your country, they won't be interested in helping you.

I know that Canada's immigration policy gives extra "points" to people who have various skills or professions that are in low supply in Canada.  Once you are here, Canada's Immigration department will not help you deal with the Canadian professional organizations.

In the past ten weeks of my current short contract, I have seen doctors, engineers, registered nurses, pharmacists, dentists, dental surgeons, and gynecologists from India, Romania, Philippines, Sweden, China, and Chile to name just a few.  Every single one of them has been stalled and stymied by the professional organization they need to belong to in order to practise their field in BC.

Yes, for each one of them, English is an issue - but it ain't by a fat nautical mile the biggest problem.
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 Lately I've been steamed about the institutionalization of scamming.  I mean: I've just recently made purchases that are a big deal for me, based on how much the cost represents of my after-tax money, and they are suboptimal.  Calling them suboptimal is throwing roses at them.  There is no local place for repairs, and complaints are met with a ho-hum-we've-already-got-your-money-what-have-you-done-for-us-lately attitude.  There is no point blaming the poor functionary who conveys this company attitude; this is not only a whole company attitude, but an entire culture's attitude now that we are pretending that the best human relationships are exemplified by corporate rutting.

I think this is best demonstrated by the office complex I am currently working in.  It is a reinforced concrete structure, probably completed in the early 60's.  These types of structures always have big honkin' pillars everywhere, to hold things up.  Welcome to Carnac.  The ones we have are at least 18 inches in diameter - I couldn't put my arms around them and have my fingers touch.  These are in the middle of the rooms - only to be expected in a big room, but usually artfully made part of a wall in smaller rooms.  Not here.

Every third office has a pillar right in the centre of the room.  No matter where you put the desk, you are going to roll your chair back into the pillar at least once a week.  No matter where you put the table for meeting clients, the pillar is going to occupy the guest of honour position.  I didn't actually notice this at first, since I am using a pillar-less office.  I was surprised to see that one of the lesser status people using what should be a beautiful corner office, wall-to-wall windows on two sides, with a view of oak trees.  Hah.  Big grey pillar stab in the centre of the room.

Now.  You know that the architect who designed this never had to use one of those offices.  And you know that whichever Minster of Education presided over the cutting of the ribbon ceremony never had to use one of those offices.  And you know that whichever President/Dean/Figurehead who shook his hand never had to use one of those offices.  Nor did the contractor who completed the building.  And so, there was never any incentive for the creators to not be so bloody stupid and so ho-hum-we've-already-got-your-money-what-have-you-done-for-us-lately.

Basically I expect to be lied to by everyone who has something they want me to buy.  This includes my present Provincial and Federal Governments who are patting themselves on the back for remantling social programs they took so much joy in dismantling earlier on.  It's no good ranting about elections - we elected the current parties so they must be satisfying the desires of some part of the electorate - hah, in fact: the dominant part.  Are there really that many people who are in the business of over-hyping things they know to be shoddy that they welcome similar rhetoric in their leaders?  Have I perhaps answered my own question?  I have, in fact, just purchased expensive-for-me items from people for whom the same items are so inexpensive and insignificant that  they really do feel contempt for me insisting on complaining about these trivial things.  They sincerely feel I should just suck it up and stop whining and bothering them when they have more important things to do.


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