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SOGP bought a copy of the 2009 animated movie 9:

It is visually very beautiful, and has a very different look from many of the big houses' animation style.  Fresh.

Its story is really unfortunate.  Rather than a plot with holes, this is a series of holes suspended in very beautiful visuals.  The visuals are so good that I have been trying to figure out how to use the material of the film and recut it with new dialogue to make sense.  It is such a shame that so much very good work was wasted on a crappy script.

It probably didn't help that "District 9" and "Nine" came out the same year, but even without that confusion, it was destined for the remaindered bin.

Story synopsis )
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I liked it.  I recommend it.

It is the far future.  It is set in a world (not just the particular planet of the plot) that is a cross between an Andre Norton landscape and Ammonite.  It pandered to my prejudices that people are people no matter what their faith by having a Dianic Pagan dominant institutional religion where some of the adherents are as pig-headed and prosetilyzing and condescendingly arrogant as those of any other religion that becomes powerful enough to enforce compliance.  It explored the idea of "one with nature" in a very interesting way.

I think her second book (which I read first), Nine Layers of Sky, is a tighter, better book, but The Ghost Sister is a helluva first novel.

There are some hmmmm moments at the end of the book (noted below), but they are not enough to spoil the work.  I've tried to note them in a generalized way, but I still think they will spoil the book for you.  Read the book first.


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