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Lather rinse repeat. There's way too much high octane emotional scenery chewing for way too little payoff.

I realized last week that at the end of the episode, after I've spent 8 hours (ish, never forget the commercials) with these people, that when someone was injured to the point we don't know whether they are going to live or die - I didn't know who they were. They could have been male or female, but I just didn't know based on the name alone.

C'mon people who are writing/filming/etc-ing the show - if you want me to invest in the show, you need to spend enough time on a character that may be sacrificed that I will care whether they live or die - or at least notice they are missing. I'm sure something very erudite is going on with examining narrative assumptions and questioning storytelling tropes, but - c'mon.

And why, for frickin' sake can't they just SPOILER )
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I have been faithfully watching the episodes.  I saw episode 7 (remembering that the two hour pilot counted as two episodes) this past Friday.  I dunno.  I really want to watch Science Fiction.  I'll take SF soap operas over regular soap operas and reality shows and sit coms and general cruddy crap any day of the week.  If is comes up against new This Hour Has Twenty-Two Minutes episodes, though, it's toast.

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Well, I don't know.  I'll keep watching, but I don't know.  The interpersonal conflicts are just a little too scenery-chewing for me.
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I watched the pilot yesterday afternoon.

Spoilers ... )


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