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This is the most snow we've had all winter this year.  It is melting now, so gloppage is assured.  Before it started to melt, I'd say it reached 6 centimeters in depth - all from teeny tiny weensy little flakes that were almost ice drops, but fell relentlessly for hours.
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Truly, this is why we're so silly about snow here: it warmed up last evening, and continued to warm up all night until it was +5 C this morning, and all the snow is gone.  Okay, not the heaps where someone shovelled, but everywhere else, including the grass bits that hadn't melted from the first burst.
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Bleah.  It is currently cool enough to mount up, but the predicted trend is to warm up and become rain.  Which is fine if it does it soon, so the roads melt, but if it does it late, and then the roads freeze in crunchy treacherous ruts, that is not so hot.  It was slow coming in to work.

Why no, we *never* *really* have snow, so this "plowing" and "shoveling" - what are these things that you speak of?

Just checked - still coming down out there.
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Yes, we have snow falling.  It is not yet sticking (except to the shoe on top of the wall), but the temperature is going to drop and the precipitation is slated to continue to fall all night.  Bah.

We don't need no stinkin' snow.

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Taken at 7:40 am, while it was still dark, and the air was full of snowflakes and the calls of crows:

The branches of the dead maple are bowed under the weight of the fresh snow - they were clear of snow last night as the day, while not being warm, had been sunny and some surfaces became clear of snow.

The snow is continuing, and is supposed to continue to early Christmas Day.  Apparently all of Canada will be having a white Christmas.

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We did go to the lantern festival - more anon.

Meanwhile, it has continued to snow, and it is still snowing:

Original view here:

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I'm not sure we're going to get to the lantern procession.  It is like walking on very loose sand at the beach out there - I did mention that we do not shovel or plow here, right? because it is going to melt any minute, right?

Taken about 20 minutes ago: 

Comparison photos located here:


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