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Today was the first day of a two-day workshop.  Gosh, but it was boring.  I mean, actually the material is interesting and the presenter knowledgeable, but the venue is one of those grey energy-sucking rooms and the chairs with their little stupid arm desks are beyond uncomfortable, and the layout couldn't be more anti-communication if planned - ah: a post-secondary classroom.

I'm very glad to be there, but, by gummy, it is dull going.
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I guess it is safe to start being public about the new job. Tomorrow is day 12 and I seem to be doing well.  I am really liking the student database we use - it is so easy to learn, and it allows you to *fix* *your* *own* *boo-boos*.  Amazing.[1]  Most places that have Colleague resist change to other systems - and I can see why.  Really like the system.  I will be very vocal should anyone propose going to any of the databases I have tried to learn how to use.  I really like the people - very much like a family - which, you know, when I consider my family, is not always a compliment, you know?  However: people are helpful and friendly.  This place has an interesting custom: when you are a new employee, a long-term (well, longer than oneself, at least) employee from another area is assigned to you as a mentor.  They take you out to lunch and give you the low-down on the institution from another perspective.  I had my mentor lunch today, and very fun it was.  I have been seeing students and still managing not to tell them whoppers (yay), and I am learning the stance  - how firm I need to be about requirements.[2]  Also, like my boss very much - he is not a micromanager, which can make me nuts in about 5 seconds, and he is very clear about his goals.  Relief. 

Very happy.  Not free of anxious about jinx, but very happy.

[1] - really: this is an amazing attribute - most databases I have attempted to learn require an feted guru, imported at great expense, to correct data entry problems.  This really puts the brakes on the speed of learning, let me tell you.
[2] - some places only seem to have requirements so that there will be something to appeal and waive.
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Very happy with this choice.

2 PT = 1 FT

Apr. 1st, 2008 03:20 pm
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So, I was down to 2 days a week for April with my temporary assignment, which was kinda fine because the clutter is not all gone yet, but now I have another part-time assignment, which will add up to full-time for the month of April, which is okay, too, 'cuz I like paying the rent.  Well, okay, "like" is an extreme expression of the feeling, but I really hate not being able to pay my rent, so I think I'll let the "like" stand.

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Okay, I know I have a hate on for the telephone, so I'm not one who should be pointing fingers, BUT.

Why do the people who ramble at length and tediously in voicemail then zip through their phone number digits in a garble that would put any stoned rocker to shame?  Eh?  Eh?  Eh?  Thus necessitating the replaying the multiple repetitions of how urgent the issue is, how important it is to receive a return call "within two minutes" [1], and all the minutinae of what lead up to this moment in time during their day.

Enunciate, folks.  EEE NUNCE EEE EIGHT.

[1] - No, I'm not kidding.  Silly people.  There's just me answering the phone on this issue, and if you'd repeated your phone number slowly, you would be getting a return call a lot sooner than now that I have to listen to your monologue 18 times to try to figure out the last two swallowed digits.  Humph.

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Tomorrow is a fortnight (which means that I worked extra hours [.75 per] every day for nine working days, and now I get a free day off during the week.  This arrangement gives a person a three-day weekend at least every second one, & I heartily endorse it.  So, I am drinking beer now, and will deal with evil spawning dishes tomorrow (I never get hangovers - drink lots of water before retiring, and, every time you get up to go pee, drink more water).

This will lead to next week where I have five more days before the end of my contract.  I suspect it might genuinely end this time, so I am again taking things home from work (I have less there than before).  Even though I know it is coming, I still find it depressing.  But hey: then original ten weeks has turned into seven months, so hey.

[1] - the bumper sticker on my SOGP's van when I first met him.

EDIT - also: never consume sugary things with your alcohol - no spirits and pop mix - okay I break that one occassionally without consequence, but not often.[2].

[2] - the breaking, not the consequence.

oh hai

Oct. 11th, 2007 12:11 pm
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I can has 11 week contract.



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