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So, I was thinking that desalination technology was where to place my dollars.  However:

Aside from the currently not cheap issue, some of the places that need water are uphill and inland.  And then there's the whole sucking seawater in at a rapid pace, destroying plankton and fish eggs and larva, and who knows what else.

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New Scientist news story: Food Bubble about to Burst:

CBC news story: Map: Protests spread in the Middle East:

On the one hand, people have been talking doom about water since at least 1978, so doom may not be the case.  And on the other hand apparently it is common practice for oil companies to use fresh water to fill the spaces in the ground where oil is located, to force the oil to rise.  And still I don't know how conserving water here will get it to places where the aquifers are going dry.

And, you know?
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This is a news report about the politically motivated disabling of ISPs in Egypt.

Is it legal?  I mean - can an individual in political office decide to remove this type of communication?  I am very dependent on the internet both for my job and my entertainment and my personal connections.  This type of loss would be debilitating.

Since the stock exchange is still available, won't other financial activity force a return?  Can it be limited enough to stiffle dissent?  The problem, of course, is that anyone can be a dissenter.

Very disquieting.


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