Nov. 2nd, 2009

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This past Saturday, on Halloween, SOGP's mother celebrated her 90th birthday.  I decided that she deserved a party, so I started out organizing a family party.  What we ended up doing was an afternoon tea party (lunch) for all her cronies in the housing coop she lives in, and an evening family dinner.  60 to 70 people at lunch, and 30 people at dinner.  It was a lot of work, but her grandkids pitched in beautfully, and she had a great time.  Also, although the forecast was for rain, we had the most beautiful day, with glorious sunshine and no wind.  Beautiful.  I even managed to order the Governor General's greeting in time.

She really had a great time.  :)
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SOGP & I paid for the meals at both events because the whole thing was our (my) idea.  One cousin, at the last minute, said he was coming and bringing his wife and four kids.  Only he showed up.  Because he didn't bring his family, we had mega leftovers and so at the end I was bullying people into taking things away.  I offered some to him, and he sneered at me.

I was steamed enough about that[1], since he was the reason we had so much excess food, but then my Mom told me she saw him earlier complain about the food and throw a whole plate of it away[2].

Right.  That's it.  *He's* not invited any more.

Okay.  There are not enough of us to have a proper Ogg quarrel, but I can see how therapeutic it would be.    : )

[1] - I mean: all he had to do was say, "no" - lots of people did.  :)

[2] - It was very nice food.  I've definitely had worse.  :)  I'd order from that caterer, The Bread Garden, again.
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So, there was much organizing, and making of lists, and losing the lists, and finding the lists again shouting hurrah, and so on and so forth.  Off we sailed at 11:15 am, and arrived just after the caterer (we had stopped to pick up hand sanitizer, and I couldn't find the bloody stuff in the mega-superduper box store), and then we were off: setting out the extra food, finding the garbage bags, consolidating trays as they get skimpy, and so on.  And we clean up after the first party and prepare for the second party.  And we do the same again.  And we're cleaning up until 9:30 pm, and we stay and chatty chat chat for a bit, and we finally come home around 10:45 pm.

And this pathetic little orange face peers in at us from the deck.  I had managed to leave Chuckster out on the deck the whole time.  No pan, no water, no food.  And no place to hide once the fireworks started.  Poor little rat boy.


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