Aug. 31st, 2013

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When last I tried to do an entry, I couldn't do paragraphs.  Still can't.  What an amazing pain in the ass.  Okay.  I'll go do another cut & paste.
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So. Since last I posted, SOGP has been diagnosed with inguinal hernias. He started with one, and by the time he saw the surgeon he had two. He is on the waiting list for surgery and it may be a while. This means that he is off work. After paying for years into their unbelievably expensive extended medical, they conned him into going on medical-leave EI – which means that he is no longer an employee, so he is not entitled to make use of any of the extended medical benefits.


I am really annoyed at Quest, the company he works for, but I totally understand his reluctance to engage in a losing battle. He is due to retire in mid-October, anyway, and at the rate things are going he probably won’t see the surgery until after that date. Fortunately, I am still covered by my work, so any pain killers and so on should be covered. I just think it is really crappy of his employer to serve him such a turn. Those are the kind of actions that make me a strong union supporter.


And, our adorable orange kitty, Chuckie, has been diagnosed with diabetes, and we are giving him insulin twice a day. I am very proud of myself because today I managed to give him the shot myself. Argh. I am very grateful that Chuck is such a patient cat. He seems perfectly willing to wait until a person gets up their nerve, even while the person is mauling various folds of skin about, looking for the right spot. He is less resigned to the loss of his crunchies. We’re working on various replacements, but so far our success rate is no better than chance.


My arthritis has good and bad days, but the real killer is the heels spurs in my left heel. That trumps any pain in my knees, hands down, and no one has any suggestions for alleviation of the pain. Unless that is sorted out, there is no point in talking to me about knee replacement, because when the heel is acting up, I hardly notice the knee situation.


So, we are considering calling off our vacation this September. The issue is finding a cat sitting place that offers injection service. The place we like does not. The places that do are way the hell and gone off in the boonies, adding hours of travel time. And we’re just in the process of getting the cat accustomed to insulin, and we’re to be increasing his insulin over the foreseeable future until we stabilize his situation, so asking strangers to monitor all that is a bit much I think. People with experience in cat diabetes are talking six months, and we were leaving in about 3 weeks.


Considering that I don’t like the actual traveling part of the vacation anyway, I’m not sure the therapeutic value of Penticton will be worth the hassle of making it happen.


And, September in Vancouver can be very nice. And sleeping in is better in one’s own bed, anyway. J


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