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I affect the southern US phraseology of "y'all" because some of my American cousins use it and it is very easy to imitate.  It always seems to be used in a friendly manner, and I'd be just as glad if people who know of it being used in an unfriendly manner would just not share that knowledge with me, thank you very much indeed.


What I really meant to say was that I made my first batch of mincemeat turnovers, ever, and they turned out quite nice.  Of course, I have helped others make them over the years, but I have never done it all from book to eat, so it was quite gratifying that they turned out.  They are not the same as my Grandfather (Hodkin) used to make.  He made totally terrific pastry.  Om nom, indeed.  And they are not as good as my mother's - who learned how to make pastry from her father.  But they were pretty decent, nonetheless, using Auntie Hazel's pastry recipe (  The pastry is brittle, rather than rich and flavourfully crumbly/flakey, but I'd make the recipe again.

Of course, I used store-bought mincement (doctored with a bit of minced rum-soaked raisins because, after all, what self-respecting cook/baker person *doesn't* tinker, just a little, with store-bought), which is not as good as the home-made vegetarian mincement made from green tomatoes, that my mom makes, but I don't have access to green tomatoes, so we'll just be happy with what we've got.  Indeed, I am not having any problem eating the turnovers.

We have celebrated with a fine fizzy wine from Spain.  If you get the chance to try it, I think it is worth your consideration:  Brut Reserva Segura Viudas Cava. 


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