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Recently I purchased two pottery bowls from Moustachios.  Here is a link to her page which shows the bowls.  I bought the two small bowls that are stacked in the photo.  They are even more lovely in person.

It was almost like going all the way to her coast and shopping for them myself, but I didn't have to try and pack them in my underwear for the trip home, so that's a bonus.  :)
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Last night we went to the bookstore.  I hadn't been in a bookstore since just before Christmas, and it was wonderful to go into our favourite bookstore and smell that bookstore smell.  Mmmmm.  I've been staying out of bookstore because (a) I am erratically employed[1] and there is no saying that the books I buy today might need to have been rent tomorrow, and (b) I buy many more books than I have read, and if I really need a new reading experience[2] I can just go to my piles (yes, plural) of unread books.  But the pleasure of selection in retail therapy is a difficult addiction to break.

And then, once there, there was the issue of coolth.  I knew I was going to write this entry, with the title of "the pleasure of selection", and so then I have to be able to say that I bought books of sufficient worthiness for anyone to think I have sufficient gravitas to be worth reading when I comment about the pleasing things I have selected.  Which anxiety turns out to be a great winnower of the dreck.

[1] - as per tradition, my next new assignment was offered to me on the last day of my current assignment (yesterday).  I have a part-time receptionist stint coming up in a week for an unknown amount of time.  Keeps me internal; keeps me in rent.  Okay.

[2] - I am currently slogging through "The Importance of What We Care About" by Harry G. Frankfurt, which is making me re-realize that I don't care about philosophy.  I bought it on the recommendation of someone on afp for the essay "on Bullshit", which may or may not be good.  I haven't made it that far.  I have the same attitude to reading as to food: no throwing away things that are unpalatable - that's wasteful and waste is a sin.  Things must be eaten all up and things must be read from front to back.  Ugh.


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