Holy Moly

Jul. 24th, 2009 11:24 am
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When I logged out just now, I had to log back in right away so I could comment on the ad I was presented with:


Apparently, livejournal is partnering with blurb, so that each of us can create bound copies of our livejournal in a physical form.  It is a weird idea.  I mean: I love books both for the content and for the sensual pleasure of a well-bound book[1].  So, I kinda find the idea appealling, but I can also see that it is a silly idea.  Very silly.  Out of the non-linear multiple-narrative context - who would it interest?

But: holy moly.

[1] - yes, yes: obligatory hur hur hur   :)
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My SOGP is sick with food poisoning.  We think it is a pumpkin tart he ate a work on Wednesday, and from the symptoms we think it is salmonella.  Gurgly tum Thursday morning, and explosive diaherrea Friday[1] morning in the very early hours.  He stayed home all day Friday - which means he is really sick.  He only stays home if he has been hit with a direct noocleer strike.[2]  I've read up, and I'm pretty sure it is salmonella, which is good because the symptoms for botulism start with blurred vision and slurred speech and get worse from there.  And the pumpkin tart probably had egg in it.

He ate mac&cheese on Friday, which didn't sit well, so I went out today and got electrolyte solution and vegetable broth and soda crackers and fresh rice [3] and gatorade and apple juice and very plain bread [4].  Damn soggy out there.[5]

So, that would be me P-ing M without an L, since I am guessing at the type of food poisoning and administering treatments.

I am also the one self-medicating with fortified orange juice.  When I don't sleep enough[6], my bad knee kicks up a cranky fuss.  It has been fussing since Thursday.  Today, going out in the rain,[5] it is very cranky indeed.  So, since we have orange juice left over from New Year's, I am seeing how much orange juice can be consumed when enhanced with vodka.[7]

The good news is that my wonderful honey-the-bunny seems to be keeping down the cup of broth and three teaspoons of plain rice.  They also do not seem to be seeking other egress.  So, I'll hang up my shingle, shall I?[8] 

[1] - where the bed needs to be remade, you know?
[2] - he's the kind of guy who brings his evil dripping hacking cold to work to share with everybody.
[3] - I went through a no carb phase and any rice we've got will be well over five years old - probably fine, but not for someone whose tum is currently ultra picky.
[4] - for the charring of, since burnt toast is a sovereign remedy for dire rear in my family.
[5] - I should feel guilty about exulting in the rain because Chilliwack is suffering severe flooding, but any precipitation that is not snow is okay by me.  I can walk on wet pavement, and I eventually drip dry.
[6] - lately because I am readapting to this early-morning malarkey
[7] - the answer appears to be: quite a lot actually.  :)
[8] - fear not, if this goes on too long[ 9], I shall frog-march him to the vets ... er ... doctors.  Kidney damage does not sound neato.
[9] - Monday morning, max.


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