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So, after the bedlam of pre-admissions, I took two days off to do stuff.

First, our Sammie is on the decline for kidney function.  He's still happier and livelier than he was before the tooth work, but we are now going to be supplying subcutaneous fluids to help flush his kidneys of toxins.  Once you are here, there is no going back, and what you have to be careful of is that you do not fail to recognize when enough is enough.  Right now he is still mobile (if wobbly), and he still really loves to eat, and he really loves (luuuuuurves) to have his ears rubbie-dubbied.  So, we shall see.  Hopefully he shall get some summer sunshine before things get bad for him.

Then, I was in the market for a new coat - preferrably something in the rain-proof category, and I was not hopeful, since my last excursions for coats were dismal ranting failures.  Ha.  I found two - one casual and one dressy enough for work - Aaaand - I got the most amazing sale: things were on sale, and then some things were further reduced, and I had a $40.00 coupon, and then on top of all that I qualified for a 25% seniors discount.  Wooo.  I got two coats and three blouses for the original cost of the dress coat.  I actually saved more than I spent.  (Saved $174 ish, and spend $142 ish).  Woo.

I am also looking for a new wallet.  Mine is aged and ratty, and I saw someone with exactly what I want: a big fold open deal with a zipper aaaalllll around the outside, so nothing can escape.  It has taken me a while to find out that what I am looking for is a Travel Wallet.  I was in the neighbourhood, and I steeled myself (in my ratty old totally faded and ragged jean jacket) to go into Holt Renfrew (if this store was a girl, the guys would be going phoar!) to look at wallets.  I looked at one, but it was badly designed so I didn't ask the price.  I asked the saleswoman if they had others like it, and she apologetically, in that well-you-know way, said that they didn't carry everything by Prada.  Ah.  So I wandered on and saw one that I lusted after slightly - although it wasn't quite big enough.  Beautiful corally-pink, with the inside a luscious lavendar, all in gorgeous lambskin, and that was without me even touching it.  Beautiful.  $700.00.  No.

And so on and so forth.
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