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So.  Week nine was good, but only two days long, and then I went to Tappen to prepare for the family reunion - and never got a chance to log into *anything*  *anywhere* - so it doesn't really count.  Then week ten was consolidating the additon of a few new family members on FB, so I did sign in to FB at work.  But no FV, so maybe we're good.

The family reunion was for the Sorgens.  My dad's mother was a Sorgen.  And, like the earlier clans of Goodwins, the Sorgens never stopped having babies until the gumball machine shut down - so there are bazillions of them and they have a family reunion every year.  This year my mother offered to host it.  Normally it is in Alberta somewhere, and people bring their fifth wheels to the farm of whoever is hosting, but my folks don't have a farm, so it was the new Elks Hall & campground in Salmon Arm.

The Elks Hall was great, and I strongly recommend it, if you need a venue in that part of the country.

The biggest thing is that the host site was on the other side of the Rockies from where most of the Sorgens and affiliates live, and the Roger's Pass has always been a white knuckle experience, even in a dinkie little car - never mind a monster pick-up towing a fifth wheel.  So, the turn out was a little low.

And the caterer bailed two weeks before the event, because we were so few, so we bought and cooked.  I only showed up for the last two days of preparation: my parents and aunt & uncle living in town spent a lot of time buying and cooking and freezing.  Getting everything from their deep freezes to the hall was an all day event in itself.

We all had a great time though, and I may attend next year's back in Alberta.  :)

In other news: Sam is having trouble with his teeth.  When I got home on Sunday, one of his big upper vampire fangs was out on the bed.  Most of Thursday and all day yesterday he could hardly bear to open his mouth to drink.  I have an appointment for him on Monday, but if he had continued today the way he was yesterday, I might have shown up at the vets anyway.  The problem is that the vets is closed Saturday afternoon and Sunday, with no one there, so I don't see how having him in a cage there would actually be of benefit.  Anyway.  He is sleeping better today, and actually eating a few things, so I think we will do until Monday.

And I need new glasses and shoes, and I don't want to shop for either.  Bah.  We're going to go out for soup, instead.

Date: 2010-09-11 11:48 pm (UTC)
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My roommate in Toronto was from Salmon Arm! Looks like a nice place, from the pics I've seen.

Argh, no, poor Sammie. I hope the other teeth are okay. :-(

Date: 2010-09-12 12:51 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
If you would like a truly beautiful (if not cheap) vacation, then either rent a houseboat on the Shuswap Lake or a cabin on the shore of the lake. Late July to early September (not this year, cooled early, but usually) is usually warm enough for swimming, and the scenery is amazing.

Salmon Arm was a rustic little BC interior town, devoted to mostly small farms and ranches - except that it has become a retirement mecca for the last 25 years. Much more money in town, so there are boutique cheese makers (Gourts - num) and wineries and honey and fruit and corn and butchers and so on. If you want it, somebody probably makes it and sells it. Don't eat for about two weeks before you get there because you will pop your rivets from just one more bite/sip.


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