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I have now friended the livejournals of fictional characters.  This is definitely a new art form.  Scripts from a never-existant TV show, and livejournals of fictional characters.  Apparently there are easter eggs, but I don't know how to find easter eggs, so I will just be satisfied with the writing.
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 Go there right away and read excellent Emma Bull story making.  Wow.

Shoo, off you go.
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I am very excited to see that Emma Bull has a new novel out: Territory

I was very disappointed when I heard that she was devoting herself to screenplays.  Good screenplays are good.  I've even probably watched and enjoyed movies made from screenplays written by Emma Bull (guess who doesn't know), but it is not the same as holding a novel that someone has written and going "ooo" on every second page.

My favourite Emma Bull is Bone Dance.  There is a very important secret kept hidden until the middle of the book, and it is not telegraphed in anyway, but it is not impossible given the build up.  I am so impressed with this control of the novel.

Bone Dance is also THE book that has spoken to me personally on a personal level (yeah, I know, but the gut level response requires this tauty thingie).

Isn't it funny how we can't share that "ooo" moment with anyone else.   That's what the canon is all about.  Someone reads something and goes "ooo" and wants the rest of us to have that same experience.  I haven't had any luck sharing my ooo experience; either with Emma Bull's _Bone Dance_ or any of Pratchett's works.

Maybe THE canon works better than this; there are likely to be more people to experience oooo from the canon now because it has been filtered through generations of minds going "eh?" and weeding out things that don't work for a large number of people.  Or is it that the "what is this shit?" factor is stiffled by the celebrity factory - "you can't not like this - this is LITERATURE"?  I don't know.  But I do know that I think the Lord of the Flies was the most unadulterate piece of yuck I had to read while being educated.

Read Emma Bull.  None of her works repeat any of her previous works.  Each of her works explore new things in new ways.  Why are you still here when you could be on your way to a bookstore?


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